Catalogue? (2-minute free-write/written verbal diarrhoea)

Today, we talked about catalogues and browsed some commercial catalogues and catalogues made by students for their CTS work. Catalogues, I believe, are all designed with an intention to promote a certain lifestyle to people, where products are concerned at least. Products, offerings and services are categorised in a way that makes information digestible to the reader. In a way, it serves as a reference or index for readers to browse what a company is selling or asking you to buy in to. In many ways, a catalogue is the embodiment of a brand because every design decision, or the lack of them, speaks of the brand’s ethics, values, positioning and target audience.

With the 2-minute free-write exercise in mind, I feel that the project brief for “CTS Catalogue”:

is meant to help us consider how we can organise our pieces of writing into a collection that makes sense and that as a whole, speaks about us as a designer, author, editorial designer and maker.


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