We Are All Authors

Today, Monica from Library Services spoke with us about Authorship.

She introduced us to ideas about authorship and being an author, and also had us discuss the various formats of research and how we should consider more carefully the types of research sources and materials we reference or use when we start working on our projects.

I suppose it is fairly crucial where we pull information from, because this will influence our project outcomes down the road. With the advancement of technology and rise of social media in the past few years, information of all types is made readily available to us from a myriad of authors and sources. These vary in format, content, authority and relevance. You have to consider how information serves you and your work.

For example, you would probably look at academic journals and newspaper articles if you’re working on psychology or cognition-related subjects. However, if your topic is the Russian Feminist Punk Band “Pussy Riot”, you would look for more immediate, current, and visual material. These could be documentaries, television news features, culture magazines, and even Youtube or Twitter. Pussy Riot is a feminist activist group, and it will serve me better to look for more immediate and current responses and reactions from online sources as a starting point for my research. The reason I pulled up the topic “Pussy Riot” is merely because it was the topic we explored in class!

author |ˈɔːθə|
— noun
a writer of a book, article, or document: he is the author of several books on the subject.
• someone who writes books as a profession.
• the writings produced by a particular author: I had to read authors I disliked.
• an originator of a plan or idea: the authors of the peace plan.
— verb [ with obj. ]
be the author of (a book or piece of writing): she has authored several articles on wildlife.
• be the originator of: the concept has been authored largely by insurance companies.
(From the Oxford Dictionary of English)

When we think of authors, in the traditional sense we all hark back to conventional idea of who an author is; someone who writes books. But we were reminded today that any creator of content in any medium is an author in their own right.

As a graphic designer, we are, in a way, crafters of brands/magazines/books/campaigns etc., and are all authors ourselves.

Personally, I believe that as crafters of information, or authors, we have a responsibility to shape information to make it useful, functional, and attractive to the target audience we are appealing to.



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